About us

Ukr Dim is a non-profit organization that aims to empower the Ukrainian diaspora in Berlin by spreading awareness and uniting it.
Already since 2020, we have been publishing on our website various useful and informative articles in Ukrainian language about the social and cultural life in Berlin, in order to help local Ukrainians to integrate into the life here. We also organize informational events, seminars and meetings for the Ukrainian community on the relevant topics.

Whether on this website and on our Facebook page or via our Telegram channel, all our users have the opportunity to contact us directly and ask their questions. Through communication, we recognize which topic is currently the most urgent to the community.

Since 24.02.2022 we have been collecting and sharing information in the form of articles also for the refugees from Ukraine and working on minimizing the adjustment difficulties. Moreover, we organized information events for Ukrainians on various topics, such as "Medical system in Germany", "Employment in Germany" or "How to become a freelancer in the IT industry". For this purpose we cooperated with the organizations such as International Rescue Committee, Cinemova and IWEK. Further events, projects and cooperations are in progress. Our network goes now beyond Germany. Also in Europe and we are working on the strengthening of the Ukrainian community.

Therefore, we are open to all ideas, projects and cooperations that are beneficial to the Ukrainian community, the integration of Ukrainians in Germany and further development of German-Ukrainian cooperation.