How to help Ukraine

Ukrainians are now fighting a powerful aggressor on the immense battlefield. They need your help!

What can you do?

There are several ways how to help.

  1. We have launched several fundraising campaigns
  2. We've assembled the list of Ukrainian volunteer funds, please donate.
  3. Please, share this link with your friends

Stop Blood in Ukraine

We would like to raise funds for first aid kits to give the increasing number of casualties a chance of survival in the first critical hours. Tourniquets and first aid kits can effectively stop blood loss. Medical backpacks can provide volunteers and medical workers with the necessary first aid kits to save the lives of hundreds of civilians in crisis areas. Despite significant support from European countries, paramedics and volunteers across Ukraine are still in dire need of these first aid supplies. We deliver the needed supplies directly to Ukrainian hospitals and civil organizations.

The campaign launched by in the cooperation with us and

Help Save Heroes in Ukraine

Due to the war in Ukraine, rescuers have to work 24/7. To keep saving lives, every rescuer requires: a high-quality vest, gas mask, and helmet to increase protection from shelling & shooting. Help us help them save lives.

The campaign is being initiated in Germany through the cooperation of European Exchange,, and

Every euro counts:

Here are several proven official in Germany channels to do it:

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Information in English


Here are donation centers locations and lists of needed things:

Information auf Deutsch

Information in English

Інформація українською


Join our volunteer movement

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Інформація українською

We are very grateful for your help.

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